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Maritime Medicine


Avamedica is now part of REGINA MARIA, The private healthcare network

We replicated the model developed by Bucharest with the national health network, so as the quality of the medical services to have the highest standards. Our healthcare network has policlinics (18), hospitals (6), maternities (3), medical campuses (3), imagining centers (5), laboratories (4) and a stem-cells bank all over the country.

Saving the life at sea leads to the consolidation of guides for examining the navigators before embarkation. The orientation was towards the accreditation of some experienced clinics and doctors in the maritime domain - these clinics should be properly equipped with all the necessary equipment for pre-embarkation and should have doctors specialized in the sea working conditions and the risks. That is why we are going to become accredited by the IMHA QA program (the only quality program for the maritime clinics' accreditation), having rounded our bouquet of credentials and certifications (ISO 9001:2008, ISO 15189, QHM, Lab Quality Finland, Maritime accreditations & recognitions).

The taking-out of accreditations such as American P&I, Gard P&I Norway, Oil & Gas UK or Norwegian Offshore, the accreditation received from a foreign maritime authority such as Norwegian Maritime Directorate, Health Ministry Italy (Genoa Maritime House), Malaysia or Liberia, the IMHA (International Maritime Health Association) membership status, represent the guaranty that the examinations take place according to the international regulations in the maritime field.

RM - MAMAIA Headquarter

Occupational Medicine, Specialties, Functional explorations, Imaging, Laboratory (click to View)Click to Show/Hide
Occupational Medicine
  • Onshore occupational medicine
  • Maritime Medicine
  • Offshore Medicine
  • Integrated IT system, on-line seafarers' appointments.
    International credentials - recognitions - approvals

    Travel Medicine
  • Pre and post-travel medicals
  • Vaccinations
  • Specialties
  • Medical: GP, internal medicine, homeopathy, pediatrics, neurology, psychiatry, cardiology, endocrinology, nutrition and diabetes, pneumology, dermatology.
  • Surgery: surgery, orthopedics, urology, ENT, ophthalmology, obstetrics-gynecology
  • Academic partnerships with four of the most famous doctors from the capital city.

  • Electrocardiography, Pulmonary Function Test, Audiometry, Visio tests
  • Effort test (cardio stress test), Holter heart, Doppler vascular
  • Imaging
  • 2D, 3D, 4D Clinical Ultrasound
  • Radiology
  • Mammography
  • Osteodensiometry
  • Other medical services:
  • On call non-stop medical care at home, general practice consultations, treatments
  • Specialized medical assistance for sport events/ concerts (doctor and nurse)
  • Own ambulance
  • Ambulance service:
  • specialized medical care at sport events, concerts, artistic manifestations etc.
  • medical care at home
  • on site medical care
  • transportation to our own units with beds of Regina Maria network
  • transportation of patients to hospitals from different cities
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    RM - CALUGARENI Headquarter

    Medical analysis laboratory (Click to View) Click to Show/Hide

    For an accurate diagnosis we need accurate analysis. These are being offered to you by the medical analysis laboratory from Constanta, part of the clinical division of laboratories REGINA MARIA.

  • Departments: hematology, biochemistry, immunology, histopathology, microbiology, parasitology.
  • Automated analyzers
  • Integrated information system, specialized software lab
  • Accreditation and certification capability: RENAR and certification to ISO 15189, external quality controls Labquality Finland
  • Contract with State Authority for Health Insurance

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    RM - TEPES VODA Headquarter

    Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy, Rheumatology (Click to View) Click to Show/Hide
  • Clinical physiotherapy: recovery, improvement and maintenance of lost mobility after different affections and reintegration in normal activity; reduction of pathological muscles and articular pain, improvement of force and muscles tone
  • Specific programs / categories of patients: children, elderly, adults with disabilities
  • Body Massage
  • Contract with State Authority for Health Insurance

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    RM - Medicine Physicians

    Maritime Medicine Physicians (Click to View) Click to Show/Hide
    First name / Last name Professional degree Position Certifications
    David Diculescu Daniela Senior Specialist - Family Medicine Deputy General Manager NMD, Oil & Gas UK, Norwegian Offshore, American P&I, Carnival Cruise, Malaysia, Liberia
    Chiselenco Irina - Emine Senior Specialist - Family Medicine Medical Manager NIS, Malaysia, Oil & Gas UK
    Doreanu Adina Occupational Health Medicine Specialist Maritime Medicine Coordonator
    Abdulazis Turan Family Medicine Specialist Clinic Coordonator Costa Italia
    Fleseriu Camen-Mailena Family Medicine Specialist Development Manager
    Fulea Monica General Practitioner / Homeopathy Occupational Health General Practitioner / Medical Advisor
    Manea Mihnea-George Family Medicine Specialist General Practitioner / Medical Advisor
    Preda Ionela Family Medicine Specialist General Practitioner
    Ionita Gabriela-Camelia Family Medicine Specialist General Practitioner / Medical Advisor
    Mutu Bogdan Family Medicine Specialist General Practitioner / Medical Advisor
    Sava Elena Family Medicine Specialist General Practitioner / Medical Advisor

    CMU Avamedica - Mamaia